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Nj Online Gaming Study Predicts Huge Growth Trend Will Stay in 2017

Nj Online Gaming Study Predicts Huge Growth Trend Will Stay in 2017

New Jersey online video gaming had its year that is best to date in 2016, and also the future, at the very least based on one new study, is going to be even brighter.

Pennsylvania is anticipated to take into account passing a law that is igaming year, and that would be further good news for New Jersey online gaming, as it could help reverse internet poker’s downward spiral.

Online gaming companies are increasingly being told to expect a revenues increase of 17 percent in 2017. International gaming industry research group Eilers & Krejcik says online gambling into the Garden State will reach highs that are new the year ahead, regardless of the company’s prediction that electronic poker will drop by six percent.

Most readily useful yet for Atlantic City is their prediction that online play is leading to more bets placed at the rest of the seven land-based casinos.

‘Increased integration between the web and live casino seems to be driving extra play and visitation at land-based properties,’ the Eilers & Krejcik research reported.

Great News or Bad News?

Whilst the headline reads nicely for internet casino operators while the state’s tax coffers, 17 percent, while strong growth, would actually be considered a slowdown in terms of yearly percentage gain.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) reported internet that is total in 2016 came in at $196.7 million. That’s nearly $48 million a …

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